Is A GPU Backplate Worth It?


PC Master Race is not just about the performance.

Style is a big part in this equation. And there’s no reason why you won’t want to show off your 2000-buck machine to your friends.

Over the years GPUs have got more and more attractive. OEMs have made their shrouds look attractive, added in backlighting, made the fans fancy, and yes, started including backplates that just look downright awesome.

While we’re seen these backplates for quite some time, the question remains, “is a GPU backplate worth it?”

What Is A Backplate?

A GPU backplate is typically a metal plate that is placed on the backside of the graphics card. Hence, the name, back-plate. Some GPUs come with a plastic backplate as well, but that is rare to see.

Why You Need A Backplate?

One of the biggest reasons why backplates were even needed was the structural stability of not only the GPU but also the motherboard.

The backplate supports the graphic card and its fan(s) which prevents PCB from bending over time.

The bigger the card, the bigger the chance of the PCB bending while it is “hanging” inside your PC. Therefore, a sturdy backplate is needed to support the weight of such larger cards, its fans, and heatsinks.

The backplate also keeps dust away from the back of the GPU. It faces upward direction in the chassis and can keep dust and dog hair away from the circuits.

Style Statement

While there are several performance benefits of having a backplate, the aesthetics are away more eye-catching.

A good backplate can make your GPU look sleek, clean, modern, and stylized. Some backplates come with RGB lighting which further enhances the look of the overall build.

There are several softwares that can synchronize the lighting of the whole build, so you can have some crazy color schemes and effects going on.

There is also a misconception about a backplate providing better cooling. While some GPUs have larger backplates that acts as heat spreaders, the different is insignificant.

In fact, in some cases, backplates contributed to temperatures getting higher inside the chassis. Thankfully, the increase in temperature is almost as insignificant as the decrease.

So long story short, a backplate does have some physical benefits on bigger and heavier cards. They provide good support to the card and don’t let the poor motherboard do the heavy lifting and getting damaged as a result.

There are certainly stylistic advantages of having a backplate as well. It gives your GPU +20 Charisma.

It has no significant advantage when it comes to cooling and temperatures.

If you are looking for a new GPU for your build, a backplate shouldn’t be on the top list of priorities. If you are getting a good deal on a GPU that doesn’t have a backplate or doesn’t have a cool design, we’d recommend you go for it.

At the end of the day, a GPU’s main purpose is to provide you with a smoother and richer gaming experience.

Thankfully, almost all the GPUs these days come with a backplate, even cheaper ones have one. So no matter what choice you make, there is a high chance you’ll get a backplate with the GPU without additional costs.

So is a GPU backplate worth it?

Yes, For RGB enthusiasts, it is.

But if it won’t give your GPU any better thermal performance.

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