Best Fan Setup for Corsair 275R Airflow


Short Answer: The default push-pull configuration is the best for Corsair 275R Airflow. But you’ll have to shift preinstalled fans at the top if you use a 280/360mm rad at the front.

No matter how well you manage your cables or keep your PC dust-free, the airflow will suffer if your fan setup is not optimal.

A well-thought fan configuration will keep the temperature level in check which in turn allows your PC components to have to larger lifespan.

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Corsair 275R Airflow gives you a number of options in terms of fan setup.

It comes with three fans preinstalled in a push-pull configuration (two intakes at the front and one exhaust at the rear) and you can install up to three more.

Best Fan Setup for Corsair 275R Airflow

While this default setup is good enough for most people, there are some scenarios where you may want to alter it.

1. You Have a Single Aftermarket 120mm Fan and no AIO

This is the easiest one. All you need to do is install your extra 120mm fan as intake below the preinstalled fans at the front, and you’re good to go.

2. You Have a Single Aftermarket 140mm Fan and no AIO

In this case, you should leave the preinstalled fans untouched and install your own 140mm fan at the top (closer to front side) as intake.

It will push the fresh air into your CPU cooler as well, which’ll lower down the CPU temperature further.

3. You Have Two Aftermarket 140mm fans and no AIO

You can also have two 140mm intake fans at the front, but the 120mm preinstalled fans have to be removed first. You can then install one of these 120mm fans at the top (closer to front side) in intake mode.

4. You Have a 240mm AIO

The top side of 275R Airflow is perfect for having a 240mm rad as exhaust to move out hot air. Rest of the fans should be kept as they are.

5. You Have a 280/360mm AIO

In case you have a bigger 280/360mm AIO, you would have to remove the preinstalled fans from the front and install the rad at that place. After this, you can place these preinstalled fans (or a single aftermarket 140mm fan) on top side as intakes.

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